A DWI Does not Have to Lead to This

The following is a true story. Places and names have been changed.

Poor Start

Sharon was a bright young woman in Houston, Texas who was also ambitious. She wanted to be rich and that was her main aim in life.

Growing up poor and with a pastoral family who had been passed over by churches had given her a one track focus. She was never going to be in that situation where her views on something prevented a certain organization from accepting her.

Early Ambition

Believing only in the merit of hard work, Sharon was employed at many restaurants as a server in her 20's. She made decent money but felt that she was constantly being taken advantage of by managers and not given the money making shifts.

Sharon decided in her mid twenties that serving was not going to give her the lifestyle that she envisioned.She decided to enroll at a local small university and take a political science degree. Her goal was to become a tenured professor and make around $100 000 a year. She told herself she would not stop until she got it.

Unsettled Trauma

Unfortunately, Sharon had a lot of unresolved issues because her mom had died when she was young. She felt the doctors could have done more to save her. Even though she had a lawsuit against the doctor, it wasn't going anywhere.

Sharon drank alcohol to numb the pain of her loss. Alcohol made her feel powerful and in control. She hoped that she could one day be a rich and powerful woman who the government would employ on contract for consultations. She imagined one day being important to other prestigious individuals. In the meantime though, the discrepancy between her dreams and real life made it hard to bear these realities sober.

Alcohol Took Priority

Sharon became very short sighted when it came to drinking. She got a lease on an expensive vehicle but did not plan enough to take a cab home after a night of drinking. She often ended up stranded at a local pub where she drank alone.

She even went so far as to transport her brother's child after she had had a couple drinks. To her, drinking each day was more important than ensuring the safety of a child passenger.

A Chance to Start Anew

One night, a few blocks from her home, the cops pulled her over while she was driving drunk and charged her with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). She was upset by this charge but promptly hired a lawyer. She believed that the law was on her side and that the lawyer would help her get the charge dropped.

Even though she was banned from driving as she fought the case, she did so anyways. She felt confident enough to continue to go short distances like to school or her local pub that was just a few blocks away.

Sharon was also diagnosed with depression at this time and put on strong medication. Her doctor advised her not to drink while on the medication, but she liked the way the pills boosted her buzz.

Eventually, Sharon only had a few more weeks until graduation from her degree. This should have been a milestone, but Sharon was only interested in securing work at a local pub so that she could make more money bar tending instead of continuing to serve.

Her lawyer had been able to pull some strings because this was her first offense. However for Sharon this intervention and legal help came too late. She was found dead by her roommate 3 weeks before graduation due to heart failure.

Sharon's addiction could have been a redemptive story if she had gotten the help she needed on time. However, it became instead a tragic tale of moral cautionary.