Meth, Texas Drug Laws and Punitive Conviction Consequences

According to Texas laws, handling meth is breaking the law, and the person handling the drugs is considered a criminal. Meth, also known as methamphetamine, speed, ice, or crystal, is mentioned in a class of addictive and dangerous drugs. For more information on meth, click here. Therefore, any person found to possess or handle such a drug is treated as a criminal and is subjected to tough penalties and punishment.

Meth, also known as speed ice or crystal possession, is illegal in Texas and can call for massive sentences and convictions. If you find yourself facing severe criminal penalties and criminal punishments, seeking help from a skilled drug lawyer who understands the Texas Controlled Substances Act is advisable.

Types of Meth penalties in Texas

Meth punishments in Texas are broad and can include even severe fines. This is because, in Texas, specifically Houston, the meth problem has increased to epidemic levels in recent years. These rampant cases have prompted magistrates, courts, and judges to impose harsh punishments on meth abusers. Under Texas law, crystal is classified as the most addictive and dangerous drug. And therefore, individuals convicted of its possession are subject to observing harsh penalties and punishments.

How Texas lawmakers determine the meth punishments

The kind of penalty a meth possessor receives depends on the amount of meth the person is said to have possessed. The other determining factor is if the person under conviction has a past criminal history and the precise details of the defendant’s case.

Penalties for meth possession in Texas

Possession of meth in Texas calls for different penalties depending on the offender’s past criminal records and the amount of meth in possession. Possession of less than 1 gram of crystal calls for a sentence of up to two years in jail and or with a fine of up to ten thousand dollars under Texas law. One to 3.99 grams of meth is a third-degree transgression and is punishable with an imprisonment of two to ten years and or with a fine of up to ten thousand dollars. Possessing four to one hundred and ninety-nine grams of crystal is a second-degree crime and punishable with a two to twenty years jail term and a fine of ten thousand dollars.

Two hundred to three hundred and ninety-nine grams of meth is a first-degree crime with a penalty of five to ninety-nine years in prison in state jail plus a fine of ten thousand dollars. Possession of four hundred grams of crystal or more under Texas law is a magnified first-degree crime and has a penalty of ten to ninety-nine years in jail and a fine of one hundred thousand dollars.

Offenders with large crystal amounts have a mild possession charge raised to a charge of possession with an intent to share. Moreover, these meth possession penalties increase if the offender was arrested in a school zone or around children.

Federal crystal possession penalties

Meth Drug Possession

Microscopic Close Up of a Used Methamphetamine Glass Pipe used for Smoking Crystal Meth. Found on a sidewalk. Meth Residue still inside. Drug Abuse.

Besides the state penalties, meth possession defendants are likely to face federal punishments for meth possession that involve various federal meth punishments. These punishments became extreme in 2005 after the passage of the Methamphetamine Epidemic Act. This act also imposed severe confinements on the legal use of crystals.

Offenders convicted of having more than fifty grams of meth are punishable with a minimum of five years jail term and a maximum of forty under the federal meth law. However, even those found possessing meth below five grams can face federal imprisonment for a guilty conviction. Moreover, these federal penalties duplicate if the meth involved severe injuries or death. The federal fines for crystal possession can range from ten thousand dollars to millions of dollars.

Meth charge defenses in Texas

Offenders can preponderate in court with various crystal charge defenses without appealing guilty in a plea accord. A meth defense lawyer’s plea against a crystal charge includes a challenging police testimony, plus the sufficiency of the evidence. Moreover, if the meth is legally prescribed, a defense lawyer can defend against the sentence.


Meth possession is illegal in Texas and is severely punishable by both state and federal laws. However, not everybody convicted for meth possession is guilty and deserves the penalties. For this reason, there is a need to consult a skilled drug crimes defense lawyer in Houston to be by your side.

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