Facing Charges for DWI in Houston? Call A Lawyer!

Facing prosecution by the Harris County District Attorney for a DWI in Houston is serious matter requiring the careful guidance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has experience defending persons accused of such offenses. The importance of retaining competent legal counsel is of the utmost importance when considering the detrimental nature in which the criminal justice system in Texas views the defendant in these cases.

Arrested for Drunk Driving?

Get Legal Representation!


With in mind the seriousness of the numbers of alcohol related deaths on Texas roadways, thoroughfares, Houston freeways, and other highly trafficked travel routes, police seem to have carte blanche when it comes to arresting people and accusing them of "suspected drunk driving".

That's right. Police are only able to suspect a person of drunk driving and must prove their case if they intend to proceed against the accused. In order to prove a person accused of DWI is, in fact, intoxicated, a battery of test must be performed against a strict set of procedures for both the officer and the equipment used to conduct the testing.


DWI Cases in Houston are Never "OPEN & SHUT"

If you're working with a DWI attorney in Houston to fight your case they'll quickly inform you that these cases are never air tight. Often, police falsely arrest people who are not intoxicated, and in other cases where the defendant "may" have been intoxicated, they are beat in court due to a failure to follow the required scientific procedures in place for determining the intoxication level, if any, of the accused.

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