Thoughts on Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana is suddenly becoming the mainstream hit its always been, but now its becoming the Julian Asange of plant-life.

A celebrity welcomed in some states, but highly criminal in others, in limelight.

My Thoughts on Marijuana Legalization

I’m not the enemy of weed, but I don’t think it should be legal for recreational use and made available to the unsavvy general public. Legalizing pot sets a dangerous precedent for societal civility and opens the door to the legalization of far more dangerous and potent drugs in the future.


I encourage my readers to have foresight.

Even though “living for today” is common in the instant gratification society that we share, one must not sacrifice foresight as an expense of a fun buzz. The future should be respected and a future whose past was the legalization of a recreational drug should look forward to meth, crack, heroin, and derivative cocktails in the form of pills, becoming legal and made available to society as a whole.

To be honest, if marijuana was legalized for recreational use today, I believe in far less than 50 years heroin would be available at corner stores. My case and point, corner stores already sell many varieties of, lets call them, faux narcotics.

If a user could obtain crack rock from a local grocer one would have to ask themselves, “What kind of society would that be?”

I don’t think weed should be criminal at all, but the dangerous precedent legalizing marijuana implies is enough to leave it classified as an illegal drug as it is today.

Legalizing Marijuana Sets a Dangerous Precedent.