Texas Man Gets Life Sentence for 9th DWI

I was perusing ABC11's website and found a rather interesting story about a man who was arrested, tried, and sentenced for his 9th, count'em, 9th DWI offense. Donald Middleton was arrested by law enforcement officers in Montgomery County, TX back on May 30, 2015 for drunk driving, with the added implication of their being an auto accident.. Reports indicate that this was his ninth drunk driving offense since 1980.

Authorities say Middleton was trying to turn at a stop sign but didn't stay in his lane and struck another vehicle nearly head-on. After the wreck, he ran to a nearby convenience store and begged the clerk to hide him.

"He tried to flee, get away. He called some friends to come pick him up, and you could see that he was clearly intoxicated in the surveillance video at the gas station," Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Justin Fowles said. READ MORE