A DWI Does not Have to Lead to This

The following is a true story. Places and names have been changed.

Poor Start

Sharon was a bright young woman in Houston, Texas who was also ambitious. She wanted to be rich and that was her main aim in life.

Growing up poor and with a pastoral family who had been passed over by churches had given her a one track focus. She was never going to be in that situation where her views on something prevented a certain organization from accepting her.

Early Ambition

Texas Man Gets Life Sentence for 9th DWI

I was perusing ABC11's website and found a rather interesting story about a man who was arrested, tried, and sentenced for his 9th, count'em, 9th DWI offense. Donald Middleton was arrested by law enforcement officers in Montgomery County, TX back on May 30, 2015 for drunk driving, with the added implication of their being an auto accident.. Reports indicate that this was his ninth drunk driving offense since 1980.

Fighting DWI Charges

Facing criminal charges for DWI related offense can and will leave a lasting impact on your life in a negative fashion. If you've been arrested for a DWI offense in Houston, then its in your best interest to talk with a DWI lawyer with experience fighting prosecution on behalf of the criminally accused.

DWI Penalties in Texas (1st Offense)

When a person is accused of a DWI related offense in the State of Texas, for the first time, the criminal penalties are not as harsh as those for habitual DWI offenders or for persons charged with felony DWI offenses like intoxicated manslaughter.

For persons accused of a first offense DWI there’s a potential for fine of up to $2000, a jail sentence of 72 hours to 180 days, and Texas drivers license suspension which can last from 90 days to one year. Contact the law offices of Tad Nelson and Associates if you’ve been charged with a DWI offense in Houston.

You Can Avoid Jail If Arrested For Drunk Driving

Having an experience in which you arrested for a DWI offense can be a difficult time in your life. However, panic isn't needed if you can find a decent lawyer with experience litigation DWI defenses on behalf of their clients. We've seen time and time again people walk out of court with "slap on the wrist" probation for their DWI offense and they even have a chance to keep the criminal record off their background. If you've been arrested for a DWI offense, we strong recommend scheduling a consultation with an attorney you can help you. Good Luck.

The Importance of DWI Law Enforcement

A number of people are killed every year of Texas roads as a result of drunk driving. Therefore, public outcry has put law enforcement in a position to where they have to clamp down on DWI offenders or face public scrutiny. This results is unconstitutional practices by law enforcement which results in a number of false arrests every year. If you've been wrongfully accused of DWI offense, we recommend talking with a lawyer as soon as possible.

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